Zoey 101 Was Surprisingly Sophisticated Mid-Aughts Tween Television


For most of television's history, sitcoms were performed in a multi-camera, farce format.

A live studio audience sometimes laughed at the funny, but not often, jokes that network television writers spoon-fed the actors to deliver weekly.

The setting was usually a stage that was easy to move when it was time to move to a different room or location in the story.

On-location shoots were too expensive for most sitcoms to take advantage of.

All of these descriptors persisted in children's television sitcoms as well.

Most of them were simple in nature, low-budget and not exactly risky in their storytelling.

Nickelodeon shows like Drake & Josh, The Amanda Show, and Kenan & Kel were all effective at what they were trying to achieve,

But he certainly didn't break boundaries when it came to the way we think about teen television storytelling.