The Rolling Stones songs that Keith Richards struggles to play


There's probably no rock and roll history that Keith Richards hasn't seen firsthand. As the days of the blues troubadours were a thing of the past,

Richards' taste in electric blues made him a superstar when he worked with The Rolling Stones,

And rewrote the concept of rock with one amazing riff after another.

Even in a band with that extensive back catalogue, Richards still found himself being sidetracked time and again.

While working on his early riffs, Richards suddenly became a rhythm guitar genius.

Despite writing one of the greatest riffs of all time with 'Satisfaction',

Richards tried to imitate the sound of R&B horns before focusing on the voluminous sound of guitar fuzz.

As the band began to move away from their traditional British Invasion sound, Richards returned to playing with his usual guitar tone,

and favored an open tuning for most of his arrangements.

Tuning his guitar to an open melody, one of the most recognizable rhythms from The Stones' classic period revolved around Richards' new approach to the guitar,

Including the heavy sound of 'Start Me Up' or 'Brown Sugar'.