Steph Curry joins Paramore on stage for fun ‘Misery Business’ performance


Steph Curry has performed in front of packed audiences at the Chase Center many times, but he has rarely been the surprise guest.

However, on Monday night, the Golden State Warriors weren't the main attraction at their usual home venue.

Instead, it was a large crowd watching the Paramour show. However, lead singer Hayley Williams brought Steph on stage at some point throughout the evening.

Curry, on the other hand, didn't just come for the accolades. Instead, when the band began playing their 2007 smash hit "Misery Business",

So he grabbed a microphone and let the crowd hear his singing ability.

“I've seen his wildest dreams come true, not one of them involved you.

I've just seen my wildest dreams come true, and not one of them involves..."

Maybe I can make a joke here about how Steph was singing about Kevin Durant,

But it won't be any more entertaining than watching a video of Curry performing.