Ronda Rousey Unhappy Being Part of the “Fake Sport” WWE


Ronda Rousey is a well-known name in the world of combat sports.

Apart from his awesome moves and attitude, his trash talking talent has also won the hearts of the crowd.

However, Rowdy One doesn't always attract fans. There have been times when Rousey has put herself at risk by calling WWE a "fake game".

In 2019, the 36-year-old star broke down in tears for disbanding the Stamford-based promotion. Ronda Rousey said in a YouTube video, "It's all scripted.

It is all fabricated. it is not true. "After all, none of them can touch me."

He made this comment despite knowing all this. The WWE Universe will be pissed.

Ronda Rousey turned the spark to a fire in 2020 when she took to X (then Twitter) to address his comments on Steve-O's podcast.

He justified his statement by calling feuds in WWE "fake feuds".

  He believed that when real fighters are put on a par with WWE Superstars, they are insulted.