Rita Ora screams through the skies in daring 15,000-foot skydiving feat


Rita Ora, a British singer, experienced a thrilling skydive from a height of 15,000 feet. 

The singer was seen screaming in the air as she descended to earth, enjoying the thrilling experience.

Running Wild with Bear Grylls: The Challenge, a new adventure series from National Geographic, features Rita Ora as a participant.

According to MailOnline, the teaser for the most recent episode of the show showed Rita accepting the challenge to skydive in Nevada's Valley of Fire. 

Following a clip in which Rita was seen jumping out of the plane into the air (with an instructor strapped to the back of her) 

and screaming because she was so overwhelmed by the experience, this one teased Rita having a nervous flying experience.

The instructor cautioned her, "It's going to be cold; we're going to be high; we're going to be at 15,000 ft; it's minus 25 degrees up there!" before she jumped out of the plane.

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