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Rick Ross's private jet is said to be worth $5 billion.


Rick Ross has incredible taste in autos. Overall, he has a farm full of cars in the promised land. He is also known for hosting an entertaining annual vehicle show. 

Over the weekend, Ross held his infamous vehicle expo, which attracted all the A-listers. The winners of the competition also took away substantial cash prizes. 

Even if some of their neighbors continued to make mistakes, the event was an overall success. 

Rick Ross is a huge auto enthusiast, but it seems like he's developing new hobbies. Like Drake, Ross has his own private jet.

The Instagram photos below show the exterior of this new aircraft. Ross has his name clearly written all over the body, so it's generally pretty classy. 

To start the plane is mostly black. The next line has "Rick Ross" written in gold letters. As a result of how everything works together, he will be delighted to fly in a stylish aeroplane. 

Rick Ross recently outlined the reasons why he would never engage Virgil Abloh Maybach in a discussion about automobiles. 

It all boils down to the fact that he finally decided to buy the vehicle directly from Virgil.

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