Oliver Stone called Vladimir Putin "a very sophisticated man".


Renowned Hollywood filmmaker Oliver Stone, best known for subversive masterpieces like Platoon, Wall Street and JFK, is back in the spotlight, but not for his novel. 

Instead, Stone turns his lens on the issue of nuclear power in his latest documentary, Nuclear Now, and makes some more offensive comments in Putin's favor when speaking about it.

Stone, whose career has been marked by her unapologetic and audacious filmmaking style, brings the same enthusiasm to her new project. 

He describes the common belief that a nuclear accident would mean the end of the world as "nonsense", establishing Nuclear Now as a much-needed departure from mainstream attitudes on nuclear power.

The Oscar-winning director has often been criticized for his alleged support of controversial figures, particularly evident in his 2017 documentary, The Putin Interview, in which he was said to be pro-Putin. 

Despite this, Stone says the four-part series distilled from 30 hours of conversations with Putin has been invaluable to understanding the Russian leader.

“At that time, Putin was the so-called enemy,” Stone remembers, speaking in a recent interview with The Independent. “And our theory was, ‘Let’s know the enemy.'” 

His documentary offered an unmediated platform for Putin, and Stone, who’s been known to hang out with the Russian leader, stated that he was “a very refined individual who speaks quietly, reasonably”.

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