No, That Scene-Stealing Cat in ‘Ahsoka’ Was Not All CGI


Wampas, rancor, Ewoks, and adorable — and frankly delectable, at least for Chewbacca — porgs are just some of the wonderful creatures of the "Star Wars" franchise.

"Star Wars: Ahsoka" adds another creature to the franchise's bestiary: a corpse-cat.

The native of the planet Lothal, where Sabine Wren (Natasha Liu Bordizzo) lives, is the Loth-cat. that sounds like

that the wren has domesticated one to keep as a household pet.

Long bodies, pointed ears, bird-like feet, and expressive faces are characteristics of carcass-cats.

Prior to this, the Loth-Cats had made a momentary appearance in "The Mandalorian".

The corpse-cat in "Ahsoka" is animatronic and controlled by a group of puppets, unlike the cats, which were CGI.

He was my little friend. Bordizzo told Empire. "That cat, the intricate design...

Because that's how they manage to control such intense facial expressions and everything, there's actually a real skeleton underneath.

"It was there, and it was real." Hera Syndulla, played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead, was added.

Naturally, puppetry and animatronics have their limitations, so CGI was used for more complex movement sequences.