NFL Fans Are Praising Ezekiel Elliott For Classy Text Message


Even though Ezekiel Elliott is no longer a member of the Dallas Cowboys, his former teammates continue to remember him.

Cowboys full-time head coach Tony Pollard said Elliott penned a supportive note to him before training camp and Pollard's first campaign.

In fact, according to Pollard, Elliott relayed that instruction to everyone back on the roster.

Many fans are applauding Elliott for his thoughtful move on behalf of his former teammates, and some are wishing he'd one day rejoin them in Dallas.

Zeke: A team player. Life-saving. The man you want in a foxhole,'' said one supporter.

"That’s why Zeke one of my favorites. All heart," another fan said.

"Love this but I miss my guy," said another Cowboys fan.

"you raised a really good human," another fan said, mentioning Elliott's mother in their tweet.

"I’m gonna miss seeing him jump in that Salvation Army kettle on thanksgiving," said one fan.