Kanye West believes 'God sent him to be the next president'


Kanye West hasn't changed his mind about running for president, despite criticism from the general public.

The US Sun reports that the rapper is still "100%" committed to his plans to contest the election in 2024

And he feels it is his divine calling.

When he returns to America, West, who is currently vacationing in Italy with Sensori,

Intends to work on his political campaign.

The musician launched his first presidential campaign in 2020,

in which he spent more than $12.4 million of his own money, but it was unsuccessful.

They registered as a 2020 presidential candidate with the Federal Election Commission under the name "The Birthday Party", despite the process not yet being formal.

He said that his presidential campaign was a service to God and the motivation behind starting his own party was

that "when we win, it's everyone's birthday."

They believe that the only way to save mankind is by placing Jesus Christ at the center of agriculture, technology and sustainable living, the source said.