How we test Samsung phones


Like all smartphones, we usually start testing Samsung handsets by downloading the Geekbench and GFXBench apps from the Google Play Store.

These apps produce a set of scores, testing the CPU and GPU respectively

Which we use to compare the phone with other Samsung models and similarly priced competitors.

For display, we use Colorimeter and DisplayCal software

So that measures how accurately colors are reproduced, as well as the results of contrast ratio and maximum brightness.

To maintain consistency across devices for our battery testing, the same DisplayCal software is used to set the brightness to 170cd/m2.

Then we engage flight mode and play our standard looping video, noting the timestamp at which the phone went off.

Finally, we look at the camera, with all lenses taking a wide range of shots, including interior, landscape, low light, and portrait.

We'll also shoot some rapid panning videos to gauge the efficacy of stabilization.

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