Heather Dubrow Hints Tamra Judge May Have Gone After Her Child


During The Real Housewives Of Orange County Season 17, Heather Dubrow didn't have a happy time.

Knowing Heather, it's a huge disappointment in her eyes.

Fancy Pants sounds like she's making an empty apology tour, but her co-stars strongly disagree.

Unfortunately, Heather's season doesn't seem to be getting any easier as time goes on.

The battles facing Heather aren't over yet, and viewers can look forward to an exciting second half of the season.

Heather has made it clear that this year's RHOC drama took her by surprise.

Taylor Armstrong, the latest Oscar-worthy actress, is one of the newcomers to The O.C.

Additionally, Heather's friendships with orange holders such as Gina Kirshenheiter and Tamra Judge, who were always there for her, are fast eroding.

Now that Fancy Pants is hinting that she'll be experiencing more drama in Season 17,

Those of us who grew up in anarchy should keep an eye on what's coming next.