Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde: A Complete Relationship Timeline


One thing we can say about Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles' relationship is that it definitely happened!

Whether you believe it or not they were a PR couple teamed up to sell movie tickets,

The 38-year-old director and the 29-year-old pop star made headlines during their on-set romance.

The pair met in October 2020 on the set of Wilde's film Don't Worry Darling,

When the "As It Was" singer replaced Shia LaBeouf as the lead actor alongside Florence Pugh.

According to multiple sources, their relationship soon turned "romantic" and the rest is history.

After nearly two years, the pair is "taking a break," but the decision may not be as mutual as previously reported.

From that casting drama to the alleged salad-dressing fight, here's a complete timeline of Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde's relationship.