Edelweiss wanted to usurp studio, alleges Nitin Desai’s wife


Neha Desai, wife of art director Nitin Desai, has accused Edelweiss executives of mentally torturing her husband to take over their studio.

Desai owed 252 crores to Edelweiss and had made audio notes alleging that he was suffering from depression due to pressure from Edelweiss.

Five Edelweiss employees, including Rashesh Shah, have been charged with aiding and abetting the suicide.

On the other hand, a corporate lawyer argued that legal procedures exist to deal with loan defaults.

And the actions of the lender cannot be called harassment. Now the matter is being investigated by the police.

Desai owed ₹252 crore to Edelweiss. Neha Desai claims using audio recording made before her husband's suicide

that he was suffering from depression and extreme mood swings due to the pressure being exerted on him by the Edelweiss executives.