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Dwyane Wade responds to the '50/50' breakup debate with his wife, Gabrielle Union.


Dwyane Wade is quashing the question of whether he and Gabrielle Union have split things "50/50".

On the "Club She She" podcast, the former NBA player addressed Union's recent, widely circulated statements that the couple shared all their income equally after reading "pieces that made me think as a man." roughly divided.

Wade, 41, claimed he and Union, 50, decided to split household expenses equally after the former Miami Heat player joked during a heated argument while working in Florida that they were "my Were in a house I paid for."

Wade recalls telling his wife, "You'll never say that to me again when we share something." 

As a result, when we moved to [Los Angeles], my wife quipped, "I've got half, you'll never say "my house" again – you might as well say that in the arena!"

Wade claimed that in reality, he and the "Bring It On" star, whom he married in August 2014, only shared about three items "50/50". 

This includes the joint expenses of his residence as well as that of his 4-year-old daughter Kavya.

"We decided that we would share some aspects of our lives," the NBA star said.

Yellow Star
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