Did Drake Diss Pusha T On ‘Utopia?’


Travis Scott's new album Utopia has everyone talking. Utopia is their fourth album and first in five years.

As Scott is wont to do, he initially withheld features upon revealing the tracklist,

However, upon first listen, fans were quick to identify Scott's frequent collaborator - none other than Drake.

Drake is featured on "Meltdown," which not only has a compelling beat switch, but perhaps some secret bars as well.

Upon streaming "Meltdown", fans believed that Drake may have subliminally insulted Pusha T.

"I melt those chains that I bought from your boss, tell about all that legacy shit / Since the members of V ain't hanged Louis, they ain't even wearing that shit"

It is unlikely that Drake is referring to the fact that he has also owned a 14K three-tone N.E.R.D pendant chain ($2,184,000), a white gold Brain pendant chain ($725,000), and a skateboard pendant chain ($725,000). $103,750) Purchased -

Which he disclosed in the video. For every loss cut "Jumbotron Sh*t Poppin'" with 21 Savage.

As many of us know, Drake and Pusha T have been at loggerheads with each other since 2018, when the two exchanged a series of diss tracks aimed at each other.