Constituents are secretly giving Marjorie Taylor Greene the middle finger


Marjorie Taylor Greene's boyfriend, Brian Glenn, posted a photo to his Instagram Story of them posing with the kids wearing MAGA hats.

Later, they realized that someone in the background was photobombing the couple.

Ms. Green and Mr. Glenn, director of programming at the Right Side Broadcasting Network, went to the Iowa State Fair last weekend, following a visit from former President Donald Trump.

These youths shouted, "We love MAGA, Trump 2024!" they were very happy. Mr. Glenn wrote in the caption of the photo.

Several onlookers saw a woman holding up her middle finger while a man in the background thumbs down and sticks out his tongue.

As he focused on the photobombers, Mr Glenn captioned the image, "Then I looked at it later." This is "classless garbage".

In June, Ms Green posted a social media video in which a supporter appeared to give her the middle finger.

The Republican representative posted video of himself standing and applauding as he took the stage in his district in northwest Georgia,

But one person can be seen holding his middle finger.