Celebrities Spotted Attending Wimbledon 2023


As it turns out, Wimbledon is just as good for celebrity spotting as it is for watching some great tennis matches.

Each year, Wimbledon brings together the most talented athletes as well as countless Hollywood stars,

Which makes it an exciting event that you simply cannot miss.

The crowd is often filled with actors, musicians, and others who shout, cheer (and sometimes hold their breath) from the stands.

From award-winning artists like Ariana Grande and Daniel Craig to literal royalty like the Princess of Wales, here are some of the hottest celebrities

Who made an appearance at Wimbledon this year. Needless to say, his Wimbledon style is also pretty top-notch.

1. Ariana Grande 2. Emma Watson 3. Rachel Weisz & Daniel Craig 4. Issa Rae 5. Lily James

6. Andrew Garfield 7. Hugh Jackman 8. Catherine, Princess of Wales 9. Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas 10. Sienna Miller 11. Jessica Alba