Brittany Palmer is, once again, doing her best to generate some likes on Instagram.

Palmer, a major star in the UFC's octagon girl lineup, has been very fatigued this summer, and with July coming to an end, she isn't too interested in slowing down.

The popular model is known for grabbing eyeballs with everything she does and her Instagram is certainly no exception.

Although she may love painting, I think it's safe to say that Palmer's true skill is going viral when she's not busy working for Dana White.

Well, Palmer took a break from the heat and announced she was "resisting temptation" with a new viral Instagram post, which included a few photos.

Why resist temptation? It's not entirely clear, but it also probably doesn't matter much. The post is making a splash, which is his main focus.

Brittany Palmer highlights on Instagram that it's trending out of fashion, it's certainly nothing new. She has been an online star for years.

Popular octagon girl Dana White has become quite the hit online ever since she joined the fighter's organization.

His time with the UFC has helped grow his platform, and he currently has over one million followers on Instagram. not too bad. Not too bad at all.