Billions premiere recap: Axe is back, baby


The start of Billions' final season is marked by a loud crash and a barrage of F-bombs. 

We pick up with Michael Prince (Corey Stoll) storming out of the lift at Michael Prince Capital after a brief recap of the previous season. 

He looks irrationally angry. He rushes to the front desk and requests that his assistant locate Wendy Rhoades (Maggie Siff). 

He is furious when he discovers that she is in the office and is not trying to avoid him, acting as if her very presence repulses him. 

Prince walks purposefully, picks up a monitor off a desk, and flings it through Wendy's office's glass doors. 

He rushes in and yells, "Tell me why you think I'm so unqualified to be president!"

It's a strong start to the season and offers an interesting look at Michael Prince. 

Normally, he exudes calm and composure while making every effort to maintain his reputation as a billionaire good guy. 

But this is entirely different—this rage is the result of frustration, anger, and pure rage. What specifically could have caused Wendy and Prince to disagree?