‘Big Brother’ Live Feeds Down, Why?


Big Brother fans are privileged to have live streaming of the activities happening with the house guests 24/7.

However, sometimes, those feeds go off. Why are feeds down today? Keep reading for what we know so far.

Normally, the Big Brother live feed is only switched off when something significant happens, or, if the HouseGuests are competing in a competition.

For example, last week they went down when HouseGuest Luke Valentine was evicted from the house for using a racial slur.

This time, the feed went down for the Power of Veto competition, however, leaving fans suspicious when they did not return.

So, what could have happened during or after the veto to keep the feds down? The audience has some different ideas,

However, the consensus seems to be that there was an injury during the POV comp.

Even former Big Brother houseguest and winner, Andy Herren, thinks being off feed all day could be due to injury.

Apparently, something similar has happened before when people started overheating during his season.